BITEMARKAPPREL are extremeley excited to be currently working with the International publication 'Bizarre Magazine' and the brand new Tattoo community hub and iphone app: 'Tappu'.



Tappu! is the new tattoo app for iPhone, which is also set to launch on Android in early 2014. The Tappu! app features a camera option – YOU TAPPU! – that allows you to submit photos of your ink directly to the site. Tappu! offer weekly prizes to app users for submitting their body art, including boxes of Tappu! Treasures, slick alt.culture books and wicked T-shirts courtesy of BITEMARKAPPAREL.

The Tappu! website isn’t just a place to show off your ink – it’s also a source for the latest tattoo news, interviews and studio profiles. Using their contacts in the world of body art, Team Tappu! is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest tattoo developments, and introducing you to the finest ink artists. Featuring over 500 photos of the world’s greatest tattoos, interviews with renowned body artists and articles that reveal the history behind today’s most popular ink styles.





In the Magazine, Bizarre have a section hosted by Tappu showcasing the best tattoos submitted by the community via the app to the Tappu. The winners and runners up are featured in a special spread in the magazine each month.

For their prize, winners are invited to pick a FREE T-shirt out of six bizarre designs selected from the HUGE range here at BITEMARKAPPAREL.




BITEMARKAPPREL's  owner Chris J has himself been featured on the 'Tappu' blog being Tattooed in a cool time-lapse video. You can check out the video here:


The buzz for BITEMARKAPPREL is growing...and the future looks great.

We sure are making an impression!